Time Magazine Will Now Accept Crypto

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin whitepaper, the world has been looking forward to crypto becoming mainstream. As the crypto community grew, the desire for using cryptocurrency for payments only grew in response. For almost a decade, though, not much was achieved in this regard. However, now things are changing rapidly and it seems like this dream is finally coming true.

Many establishments have now started accepting cryptocurrency as payments. The latest one to join that list is Time Magazine. In its bid to be ready for the future, the magazine announced a partnership with Crypto.com earlier today. Through this partnership, they want to enable an option for customers to pay for their Time Magazine subscriptions with cryptocurrency.

Payments For Subscriptions

The customers can pay with CRO (Crypto.com’s cryptocurrency) and other cryptocurrencies of their choice. In fact, they will be given a 10% discount if they choose this route. Currently, the option to pay with cryptocurrency is open for customers in the USA and Canada only. But the magazine is aiming to provide this option to the rest of the world by July. This will position them perfectly for a future world where digital assets like Bitcoin have a mainstream presence and are the dominant way finance is done.

In fact, it can be said that they are ahead of the curve in this regard. Just recently, they auctioned off three NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which managed to turn some heads. Time Magazine has followed the footsteps of Tesla, AT&T, Burger King, Microsoft, ExpressVPN, Pizza Hut, and many others. Slowly but surely, the corporations of the world are allowing their users to pay for products and services using cryptocurrency.

It seems like Satoshi’s vision is finally coming true. What remains to be seen is how quickly can the world transition from fiat to crypto. Also, the response from the many governments of the world will be intriguing.

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