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The way money has evolved over the centuries is phenomenal. We went from using seashells to using cryptos in the modern world. The fiat system that has been in place for centuries has become outdated. Transactions can take forever to take place. That’s why cryptos are becoming more and more popular. People are increasingly using online exchange or bitcoin ATM machines to buy crypto. Then they get to experience what digital money can really do.

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In the digital world that we live in, speed is very important. People expect everything to happen in real-time. Money is no exception. Since cryptos provide this feature, people naturally gravitate towards them. If you are yet to experience this world, simply search “bitcoin ATM near me”, to get involved. You will be able to buy cryptos like any other product and easily get involved with next-gen tech.

Bitcoin ATM - - Buy Bitcoin in person

BaapATM – Receive Instantly

Unlike other solutions where you have to wait for hours or days before getting your cryptos, BaapATM is lightning fast. This is the way it is supposed to be. Cryptos were built on the ethos of the free flow of funds. Anyone can send money to anyone without the time and geographical restrictions. We wanted to stay true to this ethos.

That’s why we have designed our system to make transactions instantaneous. When you go to a BaapATM location, you get your cryptocurrency instantly. There is no need to wait for hours or even days. We always believe that buying crypto should be as easy as buying a regular product. Quick and simple.

Bitcoin ATM - - Buy Bitcoin in person

Many people might not initially believe this, but it is already a reality. Traditionally, sending funds (especially cross-border) took days. Many people in the world are still habituated with this old, legacy system. That’s why it might be difficult to believe that real-time transactions can take place using cryptos. But once you experience this for yourself, there is no going back.

Also, another point to note is that bitcoin ATM machines are better at speed than online exchanges. This is because when you use online exchanges, you need to fund your account. This requires you to send money from your bank account to your exchange account. This can literally take days! If you can’t wait for this long, just use BaapATM.

Bitcoin ATM - - Buy Bitcoin in person

How To Buy Crypto Instantly?

Our system allows you to receive your cryptos instantly. So, when you buy bitcoin or other cryptos, you will see them in your Wallet in no time at all. As a result, you can go about your day instantly and do other things. No need to wait around in the store waiting for your cryptos to arrive.

You just show up with the amount and ask the live agent to transfer you a particular type of cryptos. Once you pay them, they initiate the transfer. And right in front of your eyes, you get your cryptos in your digital wallet. Instantly.

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