Kanye West & Kevin Hart Acknowledge Bitcoin

Over the weekend, Bitcoin got a public shout-out from two popular celebrities – Kanye West and Kevin Hart

True Liberation of America

While appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”, Kanye West said bitcoin advocates are the ones that have the idea about the “true liberation of America and humanity.” He said before the coronavirus pandemic hit, Bitcoin advocate Jack Dorsey – whose company Square bought $50 millions of BTC, decentralized Twitter “because he was talking to the Bitcoin guys” who has the perspective on what liberation and humanity will be. Furthermore, he said that “specifically these guys, but a lot of the tech guys,” have been able to use these new information highways to create a “new frontier of our existence.”

This is not the first time that West has discussed Bitcoin. In a 2018 interview with Charlamagne, he said he sees the leading digital currency as a place to put money in as the style of $20 reminds him of slavery. While this most recent podcast talk was all he had to say about Bitcoin, he said the political system and banking system are racist. West says he plans to sell his extremely expensive shoes for just $20 because “money isn’t real, so that means that the world should be eventually free.”

Voodoo Money

Another shout-out came from comedian Kevin Hart, who called Bitcoin and Ethereum voodoo money” while hosting a charity fundraiser. While the name may sound off-putting, he added that he would accept them. While hosting the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s livestreamed telethon, actor Jay Ellis asked Hart if the charity accepted donations in “Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrencies.”

“I don’t take voodoo money. We don’t take the voodoo,” replied Hart but quickly followed up and corrected, “I’ve been told we do actually take cryptocurrency. I’ve been told it’s a legitimate investment.”

Strong Trading Value

Amidst this advertisement, Bitcoin‘s price remained strong, with the cryptocurrency currently trading above $13,000 since hitting this mark the previous week for the first time in over a year.

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