How To Start Your Own Bitcoin ATM Business

How To Start Your Own Bitcoin ATM Business

There is absolutely no doubt that the cryptocurrency industry is on a tremendous rise. Not only in terms of prices but also in terms of adoption and popularity. For the longest time, people have been looking for a unique financial instrument. Bitcoin and other cryptos fill in that demand. To serve this demographic, you might be searching for how to start your own bitcoin atm business.

How to start you own Bitcoin ATM Business

Since bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is new and exciting, people are really clamoring for them. However, they also need something that is familiar. Getting involved with cryptocurrency is still a little hard. However, a bitcoin ATM provides the perfect bridge. People already know how to use traditional ATMs. So, using this concept to help them buy and sell cryptocurrency is increasingly getting popular. That’s why many entrepreneurs want to know how to start a bitcoin atm business.

BaapATM – The Perfect Solution

When it comes to bitcoin ATM services, BaapATM is second to none. We have designed a solution that the modern-day cryptocurrency user deserves. By marrying the familiarity of the traditional financial system with the cryptocurrency industry, we’ve come up with the perfect solution. The result is a small, compact, and stylish device that can provide users with the option to buy cryptocurrency.

These devices look very similar to other PoS machines that can simply be placed on a counter. For the customer, it is extremely easy to buy bitcoin and other cryptos this way. All they have to do is first search bitcoin atm near me. This can be done on our website on the “locations” page which shows the nearest BaapATM location. We knew from the start that bitcoin atm location had to be very easy to find.

Next, the customer just has to go to the location where they will find a live agent. They just need to ask the agent for the cryptocurrency of their choice. Currently, we support, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and Ripple. Then they need to pay the equivalent sum of fiat (Canadian Dollars). Next, the agent scans their wallet and sends them the cryptocurrency. That’s it!

The whole experience has been designed to feel like buying any other product in a store. This is done on purpose because cryptocurrency needs to be really easy to buy. Only then will it become mainstream.

Businesses Benefit of a Bitcoin ATM

Not only do customers benefit from BaapATM but businesses do too! First off, it is a low-cost investment with the potential to help you earn a passive income. They don’t need any prior knowledge of cryptocurrency to operate a BaapATM. Also, just by providing this service, they add value to their customers. They can increase the foot traffic to their store which can even help their main business grow.

In this nascent industry, the time is now to capitalize on the opportunities. If you had been looking for a bitcoin atm business for sale, well, look no further.

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