Goldman Sachs to Offer Bitcoin to Wealth Management Clients

The past few months have been absolutely great for cryptocurrency adoption. From retail users to large institutional players, there has been a marked increase in interest for bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest of the cryptocurrency market. This is welcome news for the proponents of this new technology that had been looking forward to mass adoption ever since bitcoin started making waves and many people believe that in future it will be easy to buy goods and services with crypto which will be in the form of digital currency.

Offer bitcoin- Wealth management clients

In the latest piece of exciting news, Goldman Sachs is set to offer Bitcoin to its wealth management clients. This means that the wealthy clients of the bank will get access to Bitcoin via Goldman Sachs. This will allow them to have exposure to the cryptocurrency without needing to go through the hassle of managing their holdings directly.

Digital asset group

The bank has also appointed a new global head to manage this new service. They have put Mary Rich in charge of the Digital Assets Group that will take care of the needs of the wealth management clients. She will also work towards educating their clients about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This is a much-needed step for the traditionally wealthy segment to understand this new cutting-edge space and gain some exposure to it.

Something big- Cryptocurrency

It is widely expected in the cryptocurrency community that this could be the start of something big. Although it is merely speculation at this point about cryptocurrency, Goldman Sachs could potentially expand this service to regular people and make it more easy in future. This would truly mark the mainstreaming of the cryptocurrency market.

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