Could Elon Musk Pay Rent In Bitcoin?

From not commenting much about crypto to becoming a huge figure in this industry, Elon Musk has definitely made strides. He acquired $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin and made much more buzz than anybody has in the past. Suffice it to say, he is a celebrity and an icon in the cryptocurrency space.

Bitcoin as payment- Tesla

Now, since Tesla has started accepting Bitcoin as payment for its cars, people are wondering whether Musk himself will pay his rent in Bitcoin. This is regarding the rent for the Tesla dealership in Americana, at Brand center in Glendale, California, which is owned by Caruso properties.

Rent pay by Bitcoin

Recently, Caruso struck a deal with the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. Following this deal, the company put 1% of their treasury into Bitcoin and is slated to accept Bitcoin payments for rent at its various retail and residential properties. Therefore, Elon Musk now has an option to pay rent for his Tesla Dealership in Glendale with Bitcoin. The question now is whether he will do so? will he collect the rent in the form of digital currency.

Excitement – cryptocurrency

If he decides to do so, it will probably instigate another wave of excitement into the crypto industry. It could also further solidify the use of cryptocurrency for payments. When the smartest man in the world does something, others usually tend to follow. This will be more profitable for him because, this could potentially have a snowball effect where more and more companies start to accept payments and pay others in Bitcoin. It will take cryptocurrency to the next level.

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