How to buy Decred Coin

Decred coin is one of the most unique cryptocurrency in the world. It was heavily inspired by Bitcoin and thus, incorporates many of its underlying principles.

The Decred blockchain is a hybrid blockchain. It features both proof-of-work consensus and proof-of-stake consensus. This is the reason behind its uniqueness. As with Bitcoin, there are PoW miners who receive 60% of the block rewards. And as like Stellar, there are holders of Decred (PoS ticket holders). They get 30% of the block rewards. The rest of the 10% goes towards funding the team developing this project.

Advantages of buying Decred Coin

Also, Decred has a capped supply of 21 million coins (same as Bitcoin). However, it takes a different approach to reduce the new supply over time. Its block reward decreases by 1% every 21 days. This is in contrast to Bitcoin whose block rewards get halved every 4 years.

One great feature of Decred is that it allows holders of this coin to bundle their holdings into tickets. They can then use these tickets to participate in validating blocks and in governance. They can also earn a portion of staking rewards. To achieve the governance part, the team behind Decred has created a dedicated voting platform called Politeia. This platform allows users to participate in votes, submit proposals and start discussions.

Step 1: Find The Nearest BaapATM To You to Buy Decred coin In Canada

This is a straightforward process. All you need to do is visit our website and click on Locations. Then, simply type in your address, and the map will show the nearest BaapATMs to you. This works from any location.

Step 2: Request Amount

When you are at the location, you will find a BaapATM agent. He or she is there for the sole purpose of assisting you to buy your cryptocurrency. So, you just have to request an amount of Decredcoin you want to buy.

Step 3: Pay Agent

The next step is to pay the corresponding amount of fiat (Canadian Dollars) to the agent. The whole thing feels just like buying any other product at a convenient store. The experience is deliberately designed to be this way.

Step 4: Scan Your Decred coin Wallet

Decred Coin

After checking the amount that you have paid, the agent then scans your Decred coin wallet.

Wallets are where you store your cryptocurrency. Over the last few years, many wallets have been developed that are super easy to use. Choose any of the below-listed wallets. You will have to take your wallet or the printed QR code of your deposit address to the location.

These are the best wallets for Decredcoin:

Smartphone Wallets:

1. Trust Wallet

2. Guarda Wallet

3. Atomic Wallet

4. Jaxx

Hardware Wallets: (These are physical devices that you need to buy)

1. Ledger Nano S

Step 5: Confirm Transaction

After the agent has scanned your wallet, you need to confirm the transaction. This is to ensure that the details are entered properly and there are no mistakes. Just check the number of Decred coin and confirm the transaction. Then the agent will send you the Decred coin to your wallet address.

Step 6: You Got Decred coin – How To Buy Decred coin In Canada is easy with Baap ATM

After the transaction is sent on its way, you get a printed receipt and the Decredcoin arrives in your Wallet. This is all there is to it.

So, if you were wondering how can I buy Decredcoin in Canada, look no further than BaapATM. We make buying cryptocurrency as easy as buying a physical product. All that while maintaining your security and privacy.

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