Becoming A Baap ATM Agent- to Sell Crypto

BaapATM is one of the easiest and fastest ways for any person to enter the world of cryptocurrency. Our mission to make crypto accessible and convenient has culminated in the BaapATM. It is a bitcoin ATM machine that is used to buy crypto like bitcoin, ethereum, XRP, and many more. We built BaapATM from the bottom up, taking care of the tiniest details. From the very get-go, we want to ensure the best experience for our users as well as our BaapATM agents.

The cryptocurrency industry is experiencing a major boom and is on the verge of global adoption. More and more people are seeking ways to make their entry into this new financial revolution. History is in the making right in front of our eyes, and as a BaapATM agent, you can be on the right side of it. Not only will you play a role in furthering the adoption of cryptocurrency, but you can also reap some personal benefits.

Why Become An Agent?

1) Extra Income On The Side

Who doesn’t like to have a steady stream of passive income? As a BaapATM agent, you can make this happen for you. Users pay a fee when they buy crypto with BaapATM. As a company that believes in profit sharing, we split our profits with our agents. So, you stand to make the majority of the fees paid by the users. Also, you don’t need prior experience with cryptocurrencies to become an agent. The user interface on BaapATM is so easy to follow that you will catch up very quickly.

2) We have Got You Covered

To sell cryptocurrency, one needs to have a license and be regulated by the government. We understand that not everyone would want to jump through these hoops. This is why we take care of all the regulations and licensing requirements. We hold a master license and have a compliance system that you would work under. Basically, we do all the heavy lifting so things are not cumbersome for our agents at all.

3) Sell At Multiple Locations With One Account

If your business has multiple locations and you want to sell crypto through them, you don’t need to have separate accounts for each one. You just need to set up one account and that allows you to sell at multiple locations and to different users.

4) We Do The Marketing

We understand that not everyone has the time, resources, or the willingness to do marketing. We take care of all the advertising, customer support, and other marketing activities so you can just focus on your business and selling crypto to the users. Again, we like to do as much heavy lifting as possible for our agents.

5) Increased Foot Traffic

Cryptocurrency are only beginning to get mass adoption. The same thing that happened with the internet and the smartphone is expected to happen in crypto as well. By being a BaapATM agent, your location could become a hotspot for crypto buyers. This leads to increased foot traffic that can be lucrative for your business in many ways.

6) You Are Not Exposed To Prices

Since cryptocurrency is popular these days, their prices can be quite volatile. But you don’t need to be worried about being exposed to that volatility. You don’t even have to worry about liquidity as that will be managed by us in the backend. You just need to fund your BaapATM account with dollars to start with. Then you will just sell cryptos to customers who come looking to buy! It’s that simple.

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